As our facilities reopen, we’re employing new safety measures to protect you and our caregivers including universal mask use, temperature testing, social distancing, employee COVID-19 testing, visitor restrictions and keeping our COVID-19 symptomatic patients separated from other patients. Nothing is more important to us than you. Stay Informed: Coronavirus Resources Here
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Question One
I believe that I can directly influence how long I will live, regardless of my family history.
Question Two
I'm more worried about other family members' health than my own.
Question Three
I prefer alternative medicine to standard medical practice.
Question Four
I believe alternative/holistic/natural medicines are effective for helping maintain my health and wellbeing.
Question Five
I don't let being sick get in the way of my work.
Question Six
There are better things in life to focus on than healthy behavior.
Question Seven
I am successful in maintaining healthy nutritional habits.
Question Eight
I will go to the doctor at the first sign of health concerns.
Question Nine
My doctor is the most credible authority for my health & wellness needs.
Question Ten
I actively seek information about nutrition and healthy diets.
Question Eleven
I would be willing to experience major delays in getting a doctor appointment if it meant everyone could get the health care they need.
Question Twelve
I give a significant amount of money to charity.
This question isn't meant to be intrusive, but it will help us match you with a doctor who may be a great fit. Don’t worry, we don’t pay attention to how you answer each question and we'll never solicit you for money. It’s the overall survey that counts.
Question Thirteen
What type of doctor are you looking for today?